Dunn's Sawmill & Logging is a small hardwood mill, specializing in pallet lumber, railroad ties, furniture lumber, and grade lumber with a logging team that specializes in selective harvesting.

The company was started about 30 years ago by John Dunn. In 1996 it became a family business when John's brother Bill Dunn, son Ryan Dunn, and son-in-law Jim Watson Jr. signed on as partners. For the past 15 years they have been working together to create a sawmill and logging business that support each other. Ryan and Jim work as the logging crew to supply the mill with 90% of it's logs that are then graded and cut by John and his team in the mill. With over 30 years experience between them they have made a good reputation for themselves and created lasting business relationships within the industry.

John Dunn holds an Associates Degree in Diesel Mechanics from Penn Tech and first learned to log in the early 80's. From there his interest grew into sawing and he soon left his job as a mechanic to pursue his own company. He now runs the sawmill as the Grader and Sawyer.

Bill Dunn worked for many years as a high school math teacher and would spend his summers working on the logging crew for Dunn's Sawmill. Both Bill and John were introduced to logging and milling in their childhood when their uncles ran a community sawmill in Indian Orchard. Bill now owns and operates MBC Stables, LLC

Ryan Dunn began working with his father in the logging business in his early teens. After graduation he became a fulltime employee and quickly learned his way around the equipment. Ryan now works on the logging crew skidding and taking care of equipment repair.

Jim Watson Jr. started working with the family business shortly after graduation as well. He worked hard and soon became the designated heavy equipment operator. Jim organizes logging sites, operates the harvester, and does all log hauling and trucking. 

All Dunn's Sawmill & Logging partners complete yearly SFI training.
Dunn's Sawmill & Logging

"We get the job Dunn!"
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